The E Startup Guide

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The E Startup Guide

My E Startup Guide is a custom document designed specifically for your new business to help you navigate through your startup.

Remember, you don’t have to be a start up guru or a business expert, the expertise is built into the online application.

Each section covers your preparation so far, what you are doing well and any obvious deficiencies or omissions that could be dealt with to save you money, time and hassle.

The Startup Scoreboard

How the Startup Scoreboard works

In your E Startup Guide, you will see your Startup Scoreboard. The Startup Scoreboard is a highly visual way of reminding you where your startup preparation is currently at and what you still have to address. 

There is a score for each of the 3 categories and an overall score. The overall score will reflect a probability estimate, in percentage (%)  that your startup will be successful right now.  As you do more work and further preparation, your score will go higher.

The higher the success score, the better.

Benefits of the Startup Scoreboard

  • Easily identify opportunities
  • Identify common errors, mistakes and omissions
  • Maintain better financial controls over your startup
  • Less wasted money
  • Easily identify areas of your startup may be business critical
  • Highlights areas where you may need extra help
  •  Less wasted time
  • Easy to see where to put your effort for best return

Startup Scoreboard - Example ( /10)

"Your Company LLC"

Planning & Research Score

Knowledge & Experience Score

Risk & Complexity Score



Success Score

Current probability of Startup Success



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