"the earth has music for those who listen"


My Beliefs


My vision for my company is:

“to provide cost-effective startup solutions to entrepreneurs and first-timers alike. Solutions that significantly help and support people starting a strong and profitable, long term business.”


What you can expect from me is:

  • a combination of actions and words

  • to always keep my word

  • display professionalism and integrity

  • to conform to ethical norms, standards or rules


The way I work is driven by:

  • collaboration

  • mutual benefit

  • honesty

  • doing as agreed

  • positivity of mind

  • balance of science and experience

  • value for money

  • making a difference

My future plans include designing and building a startup business training simulation. Maybe even a training simulation focussed on Leadership development. 

Something that combines learning, practice and teamwork.

Let's Get Connected

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